The History of Charlton Athletic in 23 Objects

This history first appeared in the Valley Review, official programme of Charlton Athletic over the course of one season.  They aim to tell the history of the club through a range of different objects held in the museum’s collection.

Object One: 1906/07 Lewisham League III Winners’ Medal

Note: Since publishing the article the museum has now bought this medal.



Object Two: Addicks Cartoon

Object Three: The Oldest Known Charlton Home programme

Object Four:  Builders’ Plan of the Valley 1921


Object five: 1923/4 Player’s Pass

Note: The player pass belonged to A E Mitchell, not as stated in the article to Albert Marshall.



Object Six: Board minutes from 1932


Object Seven: 1936 Celebratory Dinner Menu

Object Eight: Turnstile Counter

Object Nine: Letter from the FA to Sam Bartram

Object Ten: Gordon Hurst’s FA Cup Winners’ Medal

Object Eleven: 1950s Shirt

Object Twelve: Charlton 7 Huddersfield 6 Matchball

Object Thirteen: Real Madrid v Charlton Ticket

Object Fourteen: 1964 Wage Book

Object Fifteen: 1970s Silk Scarf

Object Sixteen: Matchworn Shirt 1980/81

Object Seventeen: London Borough of Greenwich Ballot Box

Object Eighteen: Colin Walsh’s Left Boot

Object Nineteen: Clive Mendonca’s Signed Hat-Trick Ball

Object Twenty: Claus Jensen’s Kit from Arsenal 2 Charlton 4

Object Twenty One: Iain Dowie Framed Shirt


Object Twenty Two: League One Championship Medal


Object Twenty Three: Covered End Seat signed by Roland Duchatelet

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